BootCamp 2016

von Falk Heger

It is time again. Just in time for the summer, the new CodeCats start in the three-month BootCamp 2016. In this the new participants, as the participants last year, will learn exciting programming languages. Besides programming, there will be – once again – a full social programme.
To start off, Tim and Omar from CareerFoundry gave an introduction to the world of a programmer and declared the course closer. The students will learn everything they need to be able to be subsequently released into the world of development to realize their ideas or to work as a freelancer. At this point, we like to thank CareerFoundry for the renewed cooperation. CareerFoundry is an award-winning Web-Dev course, founded in Berlin.


Afterwards, Thomas Fischer from BCG Digital Ventures spontaneous visited for a brief talk about his work with digital start-ups and to motivate the new participants to reach for their goals.


After the first contact with the programming environment and the first lines of code, the participants were enthusiastic to learn more. The curiosity was hardly a hold and so the students and pupils competed in a summer full of joy and new things.