Tech Open Air Berlin 2016 - The heaven of every techy

von Falk Heger

On 13 July 2016 it finally happened, the Tech Open Air 2016 opened its doors to visitors from all over the world and industries. Europe's leading interdisciplinary technology festival, went into its fifth round - in its fifth year. They were expecting more than 150 speakers, 175 satellite events and diverse companies spread over three days of interaction, live music and delicious food.

A group of CodeCats made themselves on the long journey from Lake Constance in the capital, the day before. After various sightseeing and some captured Pokemons (cats apparently not only catch birds) the day ended relaxed and with high expectations for the next day.

The next day the cats went to the technology festival. The shuttle carried the participant masses convenient to the large grounds, the Funkhaus Berlin. Visitors, once there, were sincerely welcomed from bouncers in Hawaiian shirts and euphoric employees. The atmosphere was relaxed. People started to chat early by a cup of coffee or by a bottle Red Bulls. What followed were exciting presentations on new technologies, developments, VR, music and everything that grows and inspires the human spirit. After a long day, the first day ended with a beer, numerous conversations and satellite events spread over the city. Here start-ups presented themselves and their latest developments, presented meals, played games or invited participants for a good talk.


The following day took place in the same spirit and the same innocuous atmosphere. On every corner there was something to discover, at the densely populated event. Be it how to build a home-made Tetris with Tetra-cartons, sample stands of different optimization drinks or VR experience. Interdisciplinarity was not only very important in advertising, but also lived on the TOA.


The grand final of the festival consisted of a large number of satellites and an unforgettable closing party. To sum up, the TOA 2016 again, in its fifth year, was a great success, of which one goes with many new impressions, experiences and friends back home.


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There is only one last thing to say: See you next year!